Candice Swanepoel Topless With Starfish

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Starfish. Sea Star. Can't we all just get along. Here's a new look at the topless Candice Swanepoel, covered only by one lucky bastard urchin from her recent topless David Bellemere photoshoot, I just had to share. 

Our Lady of Swanepoel has one one of the most stunning examples of pure passion inducement on this planet for more than a half-dozen years now. What better time to celebrate the millions of gallons of blood she redirects in the male of the species annually then at the end of the year when we think of all our real blessings. Candice is a blessing and a half. A mega-blessing. A sweet sextastic vision of heaven, with no clothes on, so how the devil likes it just a little bit too. Bless you back, Candice. Now, drop the starfish, PETA is coming. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: David Bellemere

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