Page 3 And Co Merry Belated Topless Christmas!

It's always Christmas somewhere in the world. That may not be true. But it's always a good time for blessedly hot Britty babes with healthy funbags to blast their body bugles topless in celebration of the yuletide season. We didn't capture all of that momentous mammarial mirth prior to the 25th, so we're going to make sure we catch up entirely as soon as possible.

As in the girls of the Page 3 magazine variety flashing bare teats for the mother of all winter holidays. Nothing says season of giving like giving your fans dozens of bare sweet tubes to ogle this Christmas. Everybody talks about kindness, only so many women live it by way of taking off the tops and smiling for the cameras. That's not the only manner to express selflessness, just the finest. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Page 3

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