Karlie Redd Strips Out Of Black Lace and Into Topless Wonderment

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Karlie Redd is one of the stars of VH-1's Love and Hip Hop, a show I would totally watch if Karlie was naked on the show like she is in this splendid Playboy pose down pictorial. I'll pretty much watch anything if there are attractive women without their clothes on partaking. Just think how amazing C-SPAN could be with that one little modification to programming.

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Karlie's topless goodies and sweet shiny booty remind me precisely why I always wanted to be a man since the day I was born. That feeling continues seeing her topless in a bustier with naughty glances. Oh, the goodness that this world holds if you only know where to look. I'd start my looking right here if I might toot my own horn. The men is pretty solid. Karlie, call me. I've got bowling coupons. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Playboy Plus

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