Melissa Debling Nerdy Striptease

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Melissa Debling fulfills all of our nerd girl sexy librarian fantasies in this very special strip tease. She's wearing glasses and a tight but conservative outfit. Until she takes it off, that is. Then she unleashes her mighty ta-tas upon us. These things are massive. Like, cause back pain problems. But I'll give her some Advil and some piña coladas and see where things take us. When I was in high school, nerd girls did not look like this. They were either over or underweight and had acne problems. You did  what you needed to do to survive but it often wasn't pretty. Not like Melissa. Kids today have it so easy.

Still, I would find it very hard to get any studying done if Melissa was my librarian. Then again, education isn't everything. 

Photo Credit: Melissa Debling

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