Rachel Cook Topless Tan Line Treats!

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Rachel Cook the model, not to be confused with Rachel Leigh Cook who is an actress but who could easily be a model, though perhaps not as undressed enticing as this Rachel Cook sweetheart who is the darling of Treats! magazine for her crazy hot bodied goodness and wet and wonderful water nymph like allure. Look into those eyes and  tell me you're not captivated. Now, look into those wet tanned funbags and tell me you're not ruined. See?

Rachel is yet another one of the models organica I lust so hard I sometimes feel like I might burst. I'm not sure how the Hoover Dam does it year after year. All that pressure. It could probably use some socks and some quiet private time in the bathroom. Rachel, you are the sextastic of dreams. I'm having one right now. Does anybody else hear Foreigner in the background? I don't know where it's coming from. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Treats! Magazine

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