Helga Lovekaty Knits Topless

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Russian born model Helga Lovekaty owns my heart and much of my other vital organs, at least the ones I hope to keep for a very long time, with her blend of stellar hot body and willingness to show off her fine female form in its mostly natural state. That natural state for Helga is incredibly smoking sextastic which helps, because thinking about the bigger picture, you don't necessarily want to see everyone naked.

Helga crawling across the floor in a show off top on the other hand is something you definitely want to leer for days on end. Her perfect sweet teats hanging like the best fruit ever plucked from a tree, though yet to be plucked, so just entirely and perfectly ripe. Oh, my. I think I need a diaper. Helga, you keep doing what you're doing, please. The amount of happiness you bring to this world is not measurable in anything other than all over smiles. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Alisa Verner

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