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Melina DiMarco Tanned And Topless and Udder Perfection

Melina DiMarco and her naturally naughty naked body are a sight to behold in the latest pictorial from Treats! magazine, purveyors of faptastically organic hotties from the get-go. They do favor brunettes, which is something we secretly like to support. No offense blondes whatsoever, but you get the natural breaks.

Melina and her ridiculously hot body and epic awesome funbags have been haunting the New Your milieu of males for a little while now. It's more than a pleasant bit of prurient perfection to see her topless and showing off her sweet teats. If only the entire world were one big Treats magazine shoot of Melina. Don't step on my dreams. Go get your own. Everywhere I turn more Melina mammarial goodness. It's my fantasy planet. Someday I'll get there. Maybe take Uber. Melina, you are so damn hot, I'm now crying. Life is fair and unfair at the very same time. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Treats! Magazine

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