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Carmella Rose Topless Screengrabs From Treats! Video

Australian model Carmella Rose is just straight out hotness. We know it, the pop boy music star she used to date knew it, and our friends at Treats magazine know it as they featured Carmella in a video that Donald Trump would describe as "elegant". We prefer sextastic, even though it is kind of classy and all grow'd up hotness.

Carmella topless is a thing of beauty. Carmella repeatedly topless in an crazy sextastic video is a thing of getting lost in fantasy time for a couple hours. This ridiculously hot bodied Down Under transplant to Los Angeles is simply oozing seduction. Now I'm oozing... well, not seduction. It's like Australia has a factory secreted somewhere in the Outback producing these universally arousing passion inducing women and encouraging them to be very liberal with views of their genetically blessed bodies. I hope that factory stays pure like Wonka. We really really need more of Carmella's naked kind of candy. Enjoy

Photo Credit: Treats! Magazine

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