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Emma Glover Tight Jeans No Top

To know Emma Glover is to lust Emma Glover. To lust Emma Glover is to know a little slice of heaven. One important little slice of one of the hottest brunettes around sharing her wares and baring her funbags in some tight jeans and a top that is simply almost not there. Save us the time of having to rip it off. Politely, obviously.

Emma has been thrilling and tingling our audiences sensitive spot for several years now and she's only getting more unusually attractive. She's the kind of woman that makes you do stupid things, and you really don't mind. It's a man's prerogative to throw it all away for the passion and hot body of a luscious lady. A prerogative we never decline. Accept your nature. Ogle wisely. Sweet teats don't come around like this everyday. Okay, around here they might, but you get my point. Emma, so hot. Bless you. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Skin Tight Glamour

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