Constance Jablonski Oiled Up And Topless For Lui Magazine


Blond bombshell Constance Jablonski got all oily and naked on a car for Lui Magazine. Constance is one of those people that looks better naked. Sure, she looks hot in clothing too, but nude she really is incredible. What I'm saying is that she really should consider going around naked all the time. Her rack needs to be seen by the world. It's just the right size, not too big or too small, just perfectly satisfying. But her whole body is really perfection in flesh. Take her booty, for example. There are few models even that can boast a butt like that. She's got that and an amazing rack, so she's really winning at life. Add to that a long pair of legs, a pretty face, and a killer abdomen and you've got yourself a supermodel, folks. 

I'm not sure that all that body oil was good for the car's paint, unless they greased her up with Armor All in which case it's fine. 

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Photo Credit: Lui Magazine

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