Maja Krag Black And White Topless


Danish professional hot person Maja Krag took off her top and then some in this sexy black and white spread. There is no pretense or foreplay here, just her jubblies out for all the world to see. And what knockers they are, my friends. Maja has got some outstanding teetons. They aren't so big that they are friggin' sci-fi huge but they are far from tiny mosquito bites. Maja's jugs are just the right size. If you were to look up perfect breasts in some kind of naughty illustrated dictionary, there would be a picture of Maja with her chesticles out. This pictorial is very tasteful and arty. Mostly because it's in black and white. I went to film school and I know that if you want to look immediately arty no matter the subject, you shoot in black and white.

But whatever color Maja and her jugs are in is going to be spectacular. See, it's pics like these why I get up in the morning. 

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Photo Credit: Patrick Xiong

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