Roxanna Dunlop Topless In New Movie 'The Late Bloomer'


Hottie and frequently topless person Roxanna Dunlop shows off her jugs in the new movie The Late Bloomer. The movie is about an adult man who goes through puberty again after he has a brain tumor removed. Sounds weird, but in at least one scene he gets it on with lovely Roxanna. Awkwardly. It reminds one of one's own first forays into the world of boning doesn't it? Except none of the girl sI managed to bag with all of my nerdy Chewbacca talk as a teenager looked like Roxanna. She's seriously hot and has a rack that won't quit. She manages to be both supple and perky, a difficult couple of adjectives to pull off. Her pretty pink nipples are the kind you just want to gnaw on for an hour or two.

I totally want to see this movie now. In the theater so I can see these lovely jubblies on the big screen dozens of feet tall like god intended. 

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Photo Credit: 'The Late Bloomer'

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