Estella Warren Crazy Hot and Topless, And Also Crazy


Estella Warren is one of those truly iconic rather out there if not totally wild blonde storied history hotties of Hollywood. Well, she's Canadian, but the former athlete turned model turned actress has done most of her rebellious borderline criminal behavior in Los Angeles. I still feel lucky to have her roaming out streets.

The still wildly sextastic at thirty-seven crazy hottie turns in an ever fine performance with see-through or missing tops in this Jeff Olson erotic photoshoot featuring Estella, her wanton body, and her even more wanton come hither looks. Some girls you're not sure if they spell trouble. With Estella, it's right there in big bright neon lights. Trouble. But you care not, because it's spelled close enough to her perfect teats that you're hardly in the mood to read. Ah, the conundrums of instinct vs. instinct. Estella will break you. And you'll thank her for the privilege. Enjoy.

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Photo credit: Jeff Olson

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