Haley Bennett Topless in 'The Girl on the Train'


We can't close out 2016 with among other honorifics as noting Haley Bennett hotness and particularly her stellar topless role in The Girl on the Train. The film itself, well you can decide that review for yourself. But as for Haley Bennett who came into our cinematic lives big time this past year, we are truly grateful from a gentleman oglers perspectives.

Haley's moments in The Girl on the Train are rather brief, but with the benefit of stellar modern technology, we can piece slowly and surely the fine moments of Haley's faptastic body baring. Bless you modern technology. And bless you, Haley Bennett. In 2017 we are now officially demanding a more extensive baring of your fine body. Well, politely demanding. Begging really. You are the real deal. Let us revel in your full splendor. Enjoy.

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