Hannah Glasby Topless and Bare Question Marked in the Desert


If you happen to lust cute hot Aussies all blonde and naked like out in the desert, you'll eat up this Jeffrey Chan shoot of the delicious Hannah Glasby including the signature question mark on her bare buttockal cheek. I certainly have a few answers in mind. Never leave them guessing.

The Ford modeling agency fair haired talent with the sweet hot body surely shows off her organic female form allure in the stark backdrop of the arid plains. That body could itself make the very grounds around her fecund. I know I'd be up for sewing the seeds of life. That should sound beautiful but probably just disturbing. I care not, Hannah. Let's go in search of water and when we find none make love until our bodies wither in the hot sands of time. Also, again, disturbing. It's that question mark, it's driving me insane! Enjoy.

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Photo credit: Jeffrey Chan

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