Jessica Lee Buchanan Wicked Hot and Topless


South African models make my blood boil. In the good boiled blood kind of way. Jessica Lee Buchanan has so much potential for allure and passion inducement in just her little finger, that by the time you realize you're leering at her topless funbags perfect and sweltering hot, you're already hypnotized into a stupor.

Featured in this simple, yet stellar Stephen Chee photoshoot, Jessica shows off the power of one naturally hot woman posing in various shades of undress in one very lucky chair. Oh, what I wouldn't give karmically to come back as that lucky leather chair. I can't help but think these thoughts as ogling lustily upon this fine female form. Jessica, where have you been all my life. And, more importantly, where do you plan on being for the next seventeen minutes or so. Enjoy.

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Photo credit: Stephen Chee

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