Maya Stepper Blonde Hot Nipple Slip


Maya Stepper makes me tingle from toe to head and back down to toes again. The German sextastic model with a penchant for looking into the camera like she knows she's changing your world, then shows off her body to affirm her original look, steps it up with sheer force of being blonde and hot and ridiculously hot bodied. 

In this Caleb & Gladys glamour shoot by the lake, Maya not only puts on her A-game allure, but manages to slip a splendid nip in a photo display that appears to have been intent on remaining family friendly. Though I would argue that passion inducing nipples peeks are from whence families come from in the first place. Though who's listening to my real world wisdom? It's okay, Maya, I'll be silent if you prefer that. You need not speak either, but girlish giggles I must declare as mandatory. Damn, you are so fine. Enjoy.

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Photo credit: Caleb & Gladys

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