Sammy Braddy Topless Kitchen Heated Hooters


Sammy Braddy seems to be in the kitchen quite a bit. Also, topless. Barefoot and pregnant come next if I happen to be directing this life's journey of one fine and funbag stacked British hottie. Though barefoot I might replace with five inch spiked stilletos. As long as I'm in charge, I'm doing this according to my plans.

Sammy and her udderly epic sweet hooters could liven up any cooking content, let alone a quiet evening home for just Sammy and I as I explain to her my thoughts on geopolitics and she tells me to shut up and get to the business of soaping the kitchen grease off her ginormous melons. Again, my dream. I direct. Sammy, you are an inspiration and a benevolent soul. With great teats comes great responsibility. You handle yours with tremendous aplomb. In fact, I see two. Enjoy.

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Photo credit: Sammy Braddy Official

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