Suzu Harumiya School Girl Strips Naked Because Today's Your Lucky Day


The Japanese were not the inventors of the schoolgirl motif in hot girl modeling and other types of fetish fun activities. They are however the perfecters of the naughty girl in short pleated skirt and white cotton panties visuals. They simply do it with more real passion. You can't fake this kind of zeal about anything.

Hence, we get beloved Japanese glamour model Suzu Harumiya looking all kinds of coquettish on her first day to school, with a slight break in the arrival schedule for Suzu to flash her knickers, undo her blouse, and take off her skirt and panties. You know, the standard before school pro forma if you happen to drive the tingles of a million men leering your way. And Suzu does it ever so well. Enjoy.

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