Hannah Ferguson Nipple Baring See-Through Bikinis for Sports Illustrated


In this rather delightfully shot bit of delicious shoreline bikini peeks of the faptastic Hannah Ferguson, photographer Yu Tsai breaks all the Sports Illustrated rules. Really, there's only one. No nipples. You can flout around the rules, show off ever so much, but you're not supposed to show nipples. Ah, to hell with the rules. I mean, rule. 

Hannah Ferguson has a body built for show. It's almost a crime to put any clothes on her of any kind. If you must, a see-through bikini or thong and mesh tops soaked wet and under the midday sun seems most appropriate. This is one alluring woman with some crazy hot curves to her female form. She's a home-wrecker. Only so much as you're going to soil your entire house whilst leering at her smoking fine body. I'm done. She's only just begun. Nipples are nice. Enjoy.

Photo credit: Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition

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