Mellisa Clarke Baring Bosom For the Love of, Well, You


Alt brunette baring bosom princess Mellisa Clarke continues her run as the short raven haired leader of the funbag pack with continued work for the Page 3 tabloid magazine that so rightfully glorifies the faptastic breasts of their English lasses. I don't know about awards or medals or honorariums, I do know your nation will adore you forever and ever if you have amazingly ripe melons ever on display.

Mellisa Clarke doesn't fit into the neat categories of other models. She makes the whole passion inducement thing using her own set of standards. They're working just fine as far as I can tell. That crazy girl next door vibe drives me quite mad. I hope it's true. I know the teats are real. I'd call this step one in our future physical-only relationship. Enjoy.

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