South African Model Nicole Naude Topless in the Desert


Prepare to fall in lust with Cap Town ridiculously fine female form blessed and topless model Nicole Naude. This South African hottie is dedicated to her health and fitness regimen, as you might note as you peruse every inch of her amazing body shot out in the desert because the desert could use a few moisture breaks.

Photographed by Sven Kristian, this lust inducing bit of beauty bares even topless tan lines almost like she's reading my mind as to how I imagine funbag heaven to be. Tall tight feminine bodies with perfect tanned everythings. I can do desert or polar ice caps or tropical rain forests. I'm climatologically agnostic, so long as luscious ladies like Nicole Naude are present, I shall abide. Also, cry and beg a ton. Enjoy.

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Photo credit: Sven Kristian

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