Summer St. Claire Topless Patio Dress Up Undressed Delights


Here's the thing about seeing Summer St. Claire in new visual wonderment work. You know she's going to look hot, be set in some outdoor or pastoral setting, and you're eventually going to see her world changing funbags bare and beautiful and ready for leering. I hate to give away the movie. Trust me. It's always a must-see.

Summer exudes that Britty air of confident and style. Like one of your more refined dates that drives you nuts wondering what's under her fineries. In this case, Summer in a slinky black cocktail dress, perfect for the occasion of prurient preening. You know it's coming off to show off her inspiring all over curves, top and bottom, front and booty. It's truly an ode to the great outdoors. Or smoking hot topless women anywhere outside. Bravo, Summer. You are my favorite season. Enjoy.

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Photo credit: Summer St. Claire Official

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