Autumn Kendrick Naked Hot Thespianic


Model and actress Autumn Kendrick shares a surname with Anna Kendrick, but whereas the latter has simply refused to bare her sweet teats on camera, this young and aspiring dramatist Autumn seems more than willing to bare her bazoongas and much much more. Naturally, she has the body of an angel, which makes taking off the clothes a less complex decision.

Featured in this Steve Fischer shoot and supplied by EgoReader 'Gregg' who happens to know my weakness for hot and topless blonde thespianics, Autumn shows off what one sweltering hot woman can do with little more than a bed and some sheet and her naked body posing and preening. As if there were anything else required to make leering men fall to their knees and beg for mercy. Or in this case, beg for Autumn. So damn hot. Give this woman more roles and pronto. Clothing optional, naturally. Enjoy.

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Photo credit: Steve Fischer

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