Dani Seitz Topless Beach Hotness


I remember seeing Dani Seitz the hot Canadian blonde miss thang trying out for SI. I'm kind of glad not much came of that because this is clearly her destiny. Topless epic beach blonde body sextastic reveals. Somebody hold me, preferably Dani, I do believe I'm close to shedding real human tears.

Thanks ever so much to EgoReader 'Lainey' who gets my passion for Canuckian hotties without clothes on who shared this Cameron Hammond shot pictorial for Next Door Model magazine. What a memorable pair of perfect mams on a ridiculously fine female form. This couldn't be more perfect, well, maybe if I was perched next to Dani holding the aloe vera gel for post shoot soothing. I never miss a spot. That's my rep, Dani. Also, I work for free. Or a small donation, which I make on my end. Dani Seitz, you are driving me quit mad. I do believe that's the point. Enjoy.

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Photo credit: Cameron Hammond/Next Door Model magazine

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