Thais Oliveira Topless Hot and Brazilian Beauty Sultry


Thais Oliveira certainly has received less press than many other Brazilian sextastic models of her peer group over the same time. She's been modeling now for a solid dozen years, coming up with the likes of Adriana Lima with whom she was often compared. I love women too much to ever pit them against one another; though both pitted against me in a tank filled with Jell-O certainly comes to my mind nightly.

Thais comes out of that school of sultry hot Brazilian brunettes who make you want to do incredibly stupid things to possess for just one hour. I need at least fifty-five minutes to apologize for the first five. Featured in this Ryan Michael Kelly photoshoot, we learn once more than amazing photos of epically hot topless women doesn't require tons of staging or art direction. One fine veteran hot Brazilian model, a white backdrop, and a device with which to make visual wonderment history. Voila. Enjoy.

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Photo credit: Ryan Michael Kelly

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