Elsie Hewitt Topless and Fine on Route 69!


Busty beauty Elsie Hewitt is traveling through the desert and she's doing it in style. It's apparent she wasn't planning on making this anything more than a day trip, as she didn't seem to pack a lot of clothing. Honestly, once she gets her shirt wet, she's out of useful clothing. Thankfully none of that matters because this is a photo shoot and she only went out to the desert to pose nude.

I apologize if I'm shattering your illusion that Playboy photographers wander the backroads of America's deserts looking for scantily clad women to put in their magazine. That was mostly phased out along with natural breasts and full bushes in the early 80s. Nowadays they just put a model and a photographer together and tell them to go make it look spontaneous. 

Thankfully that seems to have worked in this instance as Elsie really sells the lost and stranded young woman in the desert thing. She could be a spokesmodel for America's back roads, a great project to push in these nostalgic times. After all, nothing goes better with a heaping helping of nostalgia quite like a big beautiful pair of breasts. That's the kind of morale booster we could all use right now!


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