Mr. Skin Says Charlize Theron Will Make Your Arm Go 'Fast and Furious' (VIDEO)

Every week, come hell or high water, Mr. Skin puts out his Mr. Skin Minute with all the latest nudity news, and god bless him for doing so. Honestly, I might have actually wasted time and money this weekend going to see a fully clothed Charlize Theron in The Fate of the Furious, when I could just head over to and see her nude in 2004's Head in the Clouds.

Mr. Skin is great for pointing out nude scenes we might have missed, like the second nude scene he talks about this week from some Canadian series called Bellevue. I never would have known about this show had it not been for Mr. Skin, and I would have missed out on the latest nude scene from the amazingly hot Anna Paquin. Thankfully we skirted disaster on that one.

Finally this week, Mr. Skin takes a look at the Amazon Original Series American Playboy: The Hugh Hefner Story, where Jade Albany and Shara Connolly bothe made their nude debuts while portraying legendary Playboy models Janet Pilgrim and Barbi Benton, respectively! 

To get the full, uncensored experience, head over to where you can see everything we talked about here and more!

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