Mica Martinez Topless Fun By The Pool


If you happen to dig body art and hot bodies taking off their female swimsuits, seeing adult oriented starlet Mica Martinez getting topless poolside might just be your cup of tea. So, most everybody. Even if you're not an inked body fan, you have to admire the body canvas beneath. Or should. Or if not, really, less competition for me.

I'm not a huge tattoo fan on the ladies. I think it works on some and not on others. Please, nothing that lets me know there's a sailor out there somewhere coming back to hurt me one day if I touch. I'm easily frightened by loud noises and armed men with possessiveness issues. But Mica, you're the real deal in your striptease skills and alluring funbags. We could hang out I feel and talk about real things, like how much I want you to keep taking off your clothes and other deep things. Let's do it. I'll bring the selfie stick. Enjoy.


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Photo Credit: Mica Martinez

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