Lauren Louise Strips Nude From Denim Shorts


Here's what I know. Hot brunette glamour model Lauren Louise has a ridiculously hot body and a foosball table. As if I needed to know anything else before deciding we should be together for forever, or at least until the third time she brings up that her needs aren't being met. Awkward. 

The luscious bodied and boobtastic British lovely started out her latest work in a body suit and denim shorts that you had to know were simply not going to last very long on her fine female form. First an unleashing of the sweet teats followed by a remainder of the clothing going by the wayside. All the better to read her body ink without anything in the way.

Louise, one day you'll see that I'm the right guy for you. I'll let you buy me things and use your body and blessed funbags like an amusement park. To be fair, you can have the remote from 10 to 10:30 each evening. I'm a considerate lover. Enjoy.


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Photo Credit: Lauren Louise

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