Stacey Poole Topless In Satin


Why not double down on British healthy bosom models today. It's a big day in the U.K. and we're celebrating, and or dismaying, in double the DD mams fashion. Now with Stacey Poole reminding us of all those dreams of what we imagined knockers would look like unfurled. For most boys, that was age twelve or so. For me, from birth.

Stacey doesn't need much by way of production value. Her rack of splendid size does the trick once unleashed from its chain of clothing. Clothes truly are the most overrated aspect of our public and private lives, speaking now on behalf of women with monster melons. In a more perfect world, their clothes would be forbidden. It's the closest we'll ever come to funbag utopia. No cars, just motorboats in that delightful universe. 

Bless you and your mighty knockers, Stacey. You're one fine Brit. Enjoy.


Photo Credit: Only Silk and Satin

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