Elsie Hewitt Trippy Nude Photoshoot

Looking at these photos of Elsie Hewitt nude takes me back to college. I'm reminded of dropping acid at my buddy's house and ending up seeing trails as our friend Olivia danced in the kitchen to the Beastie Boys. Granted, hot as she was, Olivia was no Elsie Hewitt and she was more or less fully clothed, but the analogy stands.

I also can't help but wonder if these pictures are meant to be in 3D and the good people over at Treats! forgot to tell us that we'd need an old pair of anaglyph 3D glasses to fully enjoy them. Honestly, seeing Elsie Hewitt naked in 3D might be too much to handle. I think these are meant to be enjoyed as is, or if you've got a tab of acid left on you, maybe drop it before checking out these super hot pictures of Elsie Hewitt nude.

If you don't have any LSD on hand, I think there's probably a way to simulate the experience armed with nothing more than these nude photos of Elsie Hewitt. Putting on Track 2 of "Paul's Boutique" is completely optional, but I would definitely say that it enhances the experience. Enjoy!

Images via Treats! Magazine

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