Marina Artsy Nudes On The Floor by Danny Lane

There are three things you can do if you want to make your photoshoot super artsy.

First: Nude model. There's nothing that screams artsy quite like a nude model. Since the gorgeous Marina here got nude for this, we can tick off that first box.

Second: Black and white. You can desaturate color to make it look more artsy, but ever since Spielberg made Schindler's List in black and white, the film stock has become synonymous with artsy. Photographer Danny Lane knew this, and we get to tick off the second box.

Third: Photograph negative borders. This is where we separate the art from the artsy. You wanna really take that next step and get things going, you've gotta add borders to the pictures that make them look like negatives on a light board. 

I must say, these photos of Marina nude really take things into that artsy realm. I can't help but think that Danny Lane knew exactly what he was doing when he got the idea for this shoot. It ticks off far too many boxes to have been accidental. And speaking of ticking off boxes, Marina's naked body ticks off the most important one of them all. Enjoy!

Photo Credit: Danny Lane

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