Naked Kit Rysha Awaits Your Return

Seeing Kit Rysha naked and eye-fucking the camera in this new photo set makes me think about how nice it must be to know that someone like Kit waiting for you when you come home at the end of the day. These pics are like the ultimate male fantasy where a gorgeous woman just sits around the house naked, waiting for you to return home so you can bang her. 

I envy anyone who gets to come home and see Kit Rysha nude with that expectant look in her eyes. This is one sexy lady who really knows how to "make love to the camera" as they like to say. I imagine the photographer saying that to her over and over and over again while she gives that lens everything she's got, and what she's got is quite a lot!

Even if you're not lucky enough to have someone as fantastic as Kit Rysha to come home to at night, keeping these images in the back of your mind will ease whatever transition you make from work to home. What I wouldn't give for a look like that when my day is done. Enjoy!

Photo Credit: Cristian Ingrosso

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