Monica Calabrese Nude in Black and White

Oh come on man, did you forget to pay the electrical bill or something? Those folks at the power company ain't playing around. Pay the bill or the lights get cut off. Then you are left in the dark and you can't see Monica Calabrese's boobies. What's wrong with you?

You know, I bet this is another example of some fancy photographer getting all fancy with lights and boobs and shadows and butts and stuff. How am I supposed to get turned on if I don't know what I'm looking at. From the pictures where I can actually see Monica Calabrese, she's kind of hot. I would like to see more Monica Calabrese, but you've all the lights turned way down low. That's not cool, photographer person, not cool at all. If you want to take pictures of stuff in the dark, that's totally cool, but if you are going to take pictures of Monica Calabrese's boobs or Monica Calabrese's butt or any other part of a naked Monica Calabrese then turn the damn lights on.

This really puts a pickle in my cereal and I don't mean in a good way. Monica Calabrese has a hot bod and looks like she wants to show if off, but I can't see nothing. Guess I'm just gonna have to wait for some photographer to take nude pics of Monica Calabrese with the lights on.

Photo Credit: Nicola D'Orta

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