Sloane Vdc Nude in Black and White

If you offered me one million billion dollars if I could pronounce "Vdc" correctly, I'd be as broke as I am today. I don't know how anyone can say that last name right. Thankfully we don't have to say Sloane Vdc to enjoy her naked body.

You gotta wonder how many times Miss Vdc has to correct someone. My guess is at least 27 times a day. I know I'd probably give up and just give her some kind of cool nickname like Slow V or Sloane-y or Sweet tits. I don't mean that in a bad way, I know these days you can't say someone has sweet tits even when they have the sweetest pair of bobbies you've seen in a good long time. Sloane Vdc does have some of the sweetest boobies I've seen in a long time. They go really great with the rest of her really sweet body. Ain't no other way to say it, Sloane Vdc has a sweet body and I feel like a more complete man having seen it.

I reckon that it could just be V-D-C, like it's short for something. I have no earthly idea. But I know Sloane Vdc is one sweet looking hottie, no matter how you say her last name.

Photo Credit: Céline Andrea

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