Go Into the Night with a Topless Carla Van Der Sanden

I like to provide my faithful readers with a nice song to accompany whatever hot gallery you happen to be flipping through. In the interest of full disclosure, "Key Largo" by Bertie Higgins came on as I started typing this, but that doesn't seem like a good choice for these pictures of Carla Van Der Sanden topless on the floor.

No, Carla deserves something passionate and sensual. Something sultry, something with a little sult to it. I'm thinking Benny Mardones' "Into the Night" for two reasons. One it's a killer tune with an amazing video that I encourage you to watch in its entirety after clicking through the pictures. Two, there's something about Mardones' voice—which wants so desperately to be Steve Perry's voice but just can't hack it in that upper register—that conveys a longing that someone as polished as Perry couldn't properly convey.

Therefore, let the dulcet tones of Benny Mardones take you "Into the Night" as you enjoy these pictures of Carla Van Der Sanden topless on the floor. Then seriously, go back and watch the video and just wait for the flying carpet sequence. Top notch stuff.

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Photo Credit: Bart Peeters

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