Mati Shaw Vintage Nudes

 Women dressed in the style of the 60's or 70's has always given me the creeps. Not so creeped out that I cannot get turned on by a spritely hippie in a skirt that could also double as a parachute, but it always brings to mind the less wholesome memories of the era as well. Memories of the Manson family to be precise, or any one of the dozens of horror movies set in that decade. Take any movie, no matter how wholesome, and set it in that era and it immediately becomes more creepy. The Teletubbies? Already pretty creepy, but now exponentially more so.   

My point is, with all of that being said, Mati Shaw's beauty still manages to overcome my predisposition of the creeps. I do not know if it is the doll's eyes she has in the place of her peepers, or the nakedness that really steals the show. Honestly I do not know how it is proportionally possible to get eyes that size to fit on a face without turning it into one of the freaky mirrors from a funhouse. But here she is, living proof that it is possible.

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Photo Credit:  Shaira Luna

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