The Best Nudity in Narcos So Far

Hey essay! You been watching Narcos? Why not, gringo? It's on Netflix. It's about drugs and violence. It's also got sex and nudity! I thought I'd say something that would catch your interest eventually. Yeah, you like sex and nudity, do you? Well Narcos has all the best sex and nudity you can get on Netflix.

Sadly the recently released third season of the show didn't have any nudity, but the first two seasons had plenty enough to go around. The women featured nude on the show, and in our gallery, include Adria Arjona, Carolina Acevedo, Cristina Umana, Joanna Christie, and Laura Perico!

Check out the gallery below and hit play on this video just before you do. It's the theme song, and sets the perfect tone for looking at pictures of the best nude scenes from the show's first two seasons! Enjoy!

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Photo Credit: Mr. Skin

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