Katyia Shurkin Sweaty and Nude

I love these pictures of Katyia Shurkin nude on a leather couch for many reasons. First and foremost is the fact that she's got an amazing body and this photographer did a great job of capturing it in the light. The biggest reason for me, however, is that shot of her naked body covered in sweat and shot in stark, gorgeous black and white. 

You could put that in a frame and hang it in your rumpus room if you wanted. You could hang it right next to a Thomas Kinkade or some other classy picture and it would look right at home. I'd even go so far as to say that it might make a nice companion piece to a velvet Elvis or, in a pinch, velvet Jesus. 

There are many places that these photos of Katyia Shurkin nude would look at home, and this gallery's portability makes them perfect for your favorite portable device. It'll come in handy one of these days, when you're finally looking to class up that shit hole you live in once and for all. 

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Images via Erik Tranberg

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