Mila Azul Studiously Nude

I can't read Russian, but the title of the book Mila Azul is reading appears to have five Hs and a backwards F, which means that I'm not paying attention to the right thing here. Let's forget about the book she's holding and the dozens upon dozens of others she's ignoring and let's concentrate on Mila herself!

It's clear that Mila's not a book worm. She's not paying a lick of attention to the book itself, busy eye-fucking the camera and, by extension, you! While I definitely get excited by the smell of old books, I don't know that I'd be all that excited to be stuck in a room with books all written in a language I don't speak. You've caught me, yet again, focusing on the wrong thing here.

Forget for a minute what any of us would do if trapped in a room full of books and just focus on what we'd do if we were trapped in a room full of books with a nude Mila Azul. I don't think it would take much of a scholar to figure out what we'd be focused on. It'd probably take a cunning linguist, though, if you catch my drift.

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