Rosie Tupper Always a Topless Bridesmaid

There's something about the look in Rosie Tupper's eyes in these amazing pictures that says, "I'm sick of being a bridesmaid." I couldn't agree with Rosie more, I think it's time for her to step into the spotlight and stop letting the past hold her back!

I don't know what terrible thing she's trying to shelter herself from, but it's probably a hang up that has less to do with her than the poor schmuck stupid enough to stand her up at the altar. This is all fictional, of course, but I feel like this version of Rosie that I've concocted in my mind needs to hear Exile's classic "Kiss You All Over" and know that she's got a naked body that's seriously worth spending the night kissing all over and over again till the night closes in!

I'm sure that Rosie's actual love life is just fine and in no need of rescuing whatsoever. It's nice to get lost in the fantasy sometimes, though, that a topless Rosie Tupper is standing before you and asking you to... Well, let's not get carried away. I'll let you guys fill in some of the blanks for yourself!

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Images via Emily Abay

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