Dive Into Rae Rodriguez' New Topless Photo Series

 I would like to dive into more than just Rae Rodriguez' photo series, but I do not think this is the place to describe what else that might be. Contrary to popular belief I still retain a shred of modesty. It is not as if I can bare every one of my thoughts on the internet and expect for there to be no consequences. Besides, that is what I am paying my therapist for. She must be doing a good job, too, because unlike my celebrity counterparts I have not received a single complaint in regards to lasciviousness. I'll mark that one down in the win column. They should start handing out certificates to men who do not sexually harass their co-workers. If they can give me one for keeping a clean work area then I think this too is in their capabilities. 

It seems a little unfair to me that Rae can expose herself at work and get paid for it. Clearly I got into the wrong field, although if I got into modeling I would only be an unemployed model. And if I am going to be unemployed it will be as a doctor, or maybe an astronaut.


Rae rodriguez by tim swallow for monster children 1 d0ab0d0a 9 View Photos

Photo Credit: Photographer Tim Swallow for In The Raw

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