Maria Bamford Gets Surprisingly Naked On 'Lady Dynamite'

If you remember the old Comedy Central series The Comedians of Comedy, you remember the delightfully off-center Maria Bamford. That she managed to stand out among such bizarre talents as Zach Galifianakis, Brian Posehn, and Patton Oswalt was a testament to just how unique she was. In the ensuing years, she has achieved some notoriety thanks to roles on Arrested Development, Check it Out, and lots of voice work. 

She also gained a cult following thanks to her Netflix stand-up specials, including one where she performed for her parents in their living room and another where she meandered through the streets of her town talking to random people she encountered and performing for them. She parlayed that success into a series titled Lady Dynamite that was every bit as unique as she. The second season dropped on Friday and she shocked us all with a fully nude debut to kick things off!

Maria ran nude out of the shower and then spent several minutes in her bedroom trying to dodge the pixellation that was attempting to censor her. But to paraphrase Patrick Stewart's brilliant turn on Extras, "We've seen everything." I didn't think we'd ever see Maria nude on film, but I sure am glad she did it in such Bamford-esque fashion!

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Photo Credit: "Lady Dynamite" (2017)

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