Shine a Light on Lily James in This Week's Mr. Skin Minute (VIDEO)


There's still plenty to be thankful for this week and the Mr. Skin Minute has three great reminders that it's never too early to start giving thanks again! First up, Downton Abbey beauty Lily James stars alongside Gary Oldman in the Winston Churchill biopic, Darkest Hour, but Mr. Skin illuminates Lily's knockout nude scene in this year's The Exception

Next up, Amber Rose Revah breaks the nudity-free spell on the latest Marvel series, The Punisher. Amber bares her beautiful buns while riding Ben Barnes in the fifth episode, making this series anything but punishing to get through!

Finally, nudecomer Gwen Hollander gets in on the fun in the new Hulu series Future Man! Gwen goes topless while seducing time traveling series star Josh Hutcherson, who gets the shock of his life when he discovers she's his mom!

As always, this is but a taste of the great things that await you on, so be sure to head over there today and start fast forwarding to the good parts!

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