Stephanie Carvalho Takes Off Her Tiny Crop-Top

It's borderline impossible to call the teeny tiny little thing that Stephanie Carvalho is wearing a shirt, but it is covering her breasts, which I suppose makes it qualify technically as clothing. Thankfully she only wears it in two of the eight shots in this photoset, but I guarantee you haven't seen anything until you get to that last photo!

The gorgeous Stephanie is looking absolutely ravishing in these pictures, it's just sad that so many of them are non-nude. Stephanie has an absolutely amazing body and looks great in skimpy lingerie, but I'm of the opinion that she looks even better with nothing on at all. 

I think that Stephanie's got a bright future ahead of her in modeling, she just needs to get to the good stuff quicker in the future. Oh well, you live and you learn I suppose and let's hope that Stephanie has learned that her nude side is her best side. And a good photographer won't be afraid to tell her as much! 

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Photo Credit: Photographers Carlos Felix and Dedey Fotografia for B-Authentique

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