Camille Rowe Poses Topless For In The Raw Magazine

 What I wouldn't give to have a room in that house in the background. That has more to do with it being located on a cliff than the topless girl on the beach, but she is a nice cherry on top. You live in a house like that for the view, right? If only there was a way to ensure Camille Rowe would be there everyday without breaking any international laws. That would surely bolster the property value in such a way that no housing bubble could defeat, not for the next ten years at least. I am not delusional, she is not going to maintain her youth forever, but while she has it one might as well appreciate it. 

She might even enjoy it as well. She certainly seems to be enjoying the beach. Personally, I hate sand. I do not see what all the hype is about. It is like useless dirt, but for some reason people do not care about getting it in every crevasse of their body. I will take rolling around on a golf course over sand any day of the week. 


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Photo Credit: Photographer Jason Lee Parry For In The Raw Magazine

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