French model Maya Renaudie Is My Girl Of The Week

 How can it be that even her hair is sexy? If she does not already have an insurance policy taken out on it then she should get one fast. Her stock in the modeling biz is going to plummet if anything ever happens to it. I do not know what that would be, exactly, but it would not be pretty. A jilted lover might shave it off as payback. There could be a freak accident where it gets lit on fire while turning on the stove. All I know for sure is that I will have a ticket to France for her hair's funeral if that day ever comes.

Maya Renaudie is so beautiful that she could lose one, maybe even two, limbs and still be a world class talent. She might even rise in popularity because she would be able to break into the amputee market. Getting on the cover of Captain Hook Quarterly is no small achievement, it takes an arm and a leg. Not even the great Claudia Schiffer was able to pull that one off. 

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Photo Credit: Photographer Sebastien Tabarin for B-Authentique 


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