Kylie Hannah is the Topless Girl Next Door

I don't know if Kylie Hannah is from Connecticut or not, but my mind went immediately to the Ben Folds song "Kylie from Connecticut," so I think we really oughta make this one a Jukebox Selects! This track is from what I consider to be Folds' last really good solo album, "Way to Normal," and is one of my absolute favorite songs of his, and I find it pairs quite nicely with these pictures of the gorgeous, pink-haired, beautifully big breasted Kylie Hannah!

I would love to live next door to Kylie, because that way I could guarantee I'd see her almost every day. In a perfect world, my bedroom window would face hers and I could sit in my window sill and serenade her with this tune until her heart melted and she decided to run away with me and become Mrs. McGee.

It's nice to get lost in thought sometimes, and a rare beauty like Kylie compounded with a great Ben Folds tune will help you get lost for the rest of the night. Just don't forget to check out that family moving in next door to see if Kylie's with them.

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Photo Credit: Photographer Andrew Kuykendall for In The Raw

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