Kaitlin Covarrubias Is Not A Mirage

 I know she cannot be a hallucination because I am so well hydrated. I have been drinking nothing but cold IPA's all day. My doctor told me I need to start taking better care of myself, so it is nothing but the best for me from here on out. I would hate to be taken from this world too soon and miss out on sharing as much time as I possibly can with the likes of Kaitlin Covarrubias. 

I wonder what she is digging around for down in that sand anyway? I had a dog that behaved the same way around sand. He would dig and dig all day at the beach, not finding or burying anything. We later found out he had a brain tumor and had to put him down. I hope that is not also the case with Kaitlin.

I hope she is locating a dead body for all the trouble she is going through. Not that I am hoping someone died, I just think it is important to use ones time wisely. It would be shame if she spent all that time rooting around with only a dirty diaper and a used syringe to show for it. 



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Photo Credit: Photographer Mark Valasquez for B-Authentique 

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